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  •  blaming fox is a mistake (3+ / 0-)
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    fox just weeds growing out of the talk radio pile

    i like your rant but fox operates in an alternate reality that only the talk radio with its coordinated UNCONTESTED repetition can create.

    fix the talk radio problem or at least stop ignoring it and progressives won't have to keep playing catchup, as they have for the last 20 years. clinton, gore and kerry ignored talk radio. dems keep doing it and must stop. it make democracy impossible. once it is addressed the GOP will have nothing. until then just keep playing catchup. like it managed to get most of america to blame local dem politicians for katrina it will always be able to give the corporate GOP the advantage. ignore it and blame fox and the same crap will continue till the ice caps are completely gone.

    fox is nothing without talk radio. stop blaming fox- ed should know better- they all should know better but if they don't have time to listen once in a while and can't see the patterns in writing they're going to keep ignoring the real problem- those 1000 radio stations and their coordinated UNCONTESTED repetition.

    Progressives will lose all major messaging battles until they picket the limbaugh/hannity megastations and boycott those stations' local sponsors.

    by certainot on Wed Jul 21, 2010 at 07:50:45 PM PDT

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