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View Diary: Final Update #10: The Week in Editorial Cartoons- Mission Accomplished (72 comments)

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  •  As always ... (16+ / 0-)

    political cartoonists can pack so much into their images combined with words.  Putting together so many, as you do, means that there is a massive amount of material to refer to / discuss.  As you understand, every single one of these could be the basis for an independent diary and thus very difficult to know what to refer to and discuss amid this cornucopia.

    1. Thank you for this massive amount of work putting this anthology together along with thoughtful, substantive commentary.
    1. While I think the first five cartoons re the cap truly capture this situation, have to say that "FOX Noose" and the Tea Party + KKK hoods cartoons merit special comment because of how well they capture an issue with the combo of words / graphics.
    1.  Re the global warming denial, surprised that Inhofe doesn't allow the hottest year on record to have anything to do with what he says?
    1. A consideration ... does it make sense to add to your workload and have a selection of the 'right winger' cartoons?  

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    by A Siegel on Sat Jul 24, 2010 at 06:42:36 AM PDT

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