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  •  I made the mistake of getting the CD of (7+ / 0-)

    the CT scan and taking a look, or trying to. This is before the doctor I'm seeing Tuesday has seen it. So, I figured - get ready for Tuesday as informed and prepared as possible.

    There are something like 140 images for every 10" of area scanned. The report says, you can see this 5mm thing that's increased in size 1 mm since the last scan on slide 37. So, I looked at slide 37. It's just a tiny bit different than slides 35-6 and 38-9 and all have several white things that could be what they're talking about. So, I go away saying ... whaaa?

    The docs had told me before that these scans see things in this size range that are very often present in 3/4 of the population and don't mean anything. So, maybe it's that. But, it did increase in size "minimally".

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