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View Diary: AP: Corporations don't need a good economy to profit (29 comments)

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  •  If competition for products (2+ / 0-)

    sold was done like our labor has been done, there would be no profit for any corporation.  It would not be fair to them no more than it is fair for the workers who are being ruined by unfair competition by outsourcing and insourcing.

    A decent government would stop the carnage.

    We know we can expect from the cuts for the rich....bail outs for the corporations...cuts in Social Security. They are setting back, hiding, while the Democrats do the job for them.

    Ed Rendell, Kent Conrad and Obama are but a few Democrats that have joined the republicans.  Creating a deficit commission out of people like Alan Simpson and traitorous Alice by Obama showed he was not going to defend Social Security.

    It is no longer Democrats against Republicans.  It is the corporations and the wealthy against the rest of us.  

    We will have to join forces with everyone in the middle class, because the political lines are blurred and merging.  It is no longer clear what we can expect from the Democrats in power.

    All of us Democrats need to join forces with the Republicans to fend off the attack of us by corporations allowed by our government.

    They want to cut Social Security.  They won't stop until they have dismantled it.  They mean to bankrupt Medicare, why else don't they bid for prescription drugs?

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