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  •  NPR: Nice Polite Republicans (5+ / 0-)

    Yes, Gulf I was about the time they caved in to Bush I's bullying and the Stockholm syndrome really kicked in.

    Though I remember doing a double-take during George I's inauguration, when Cokie Roberts described him as "patriarchal" and simply oozing "noblesse oblige."

    At some point the entire media stopped viewing him as a wimp and a Howdy-Doody cheerleader and started to present him as a Reaganesque manly man.  

    After his takedown of Dan ("Never Knew What Hit Me, Ever") Rather, I think.

    •  Those of us organizing opposition to the war (5+ / 0-)
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      ExStr8, raincrow, StrayCat, SadieSue, TomAqMar

      were surprised.  Especially in the period, early on, when the government was trying to sell the war. There was a tremendous feeling of betrayal.  Liberating Kuwait? It always felt to me like the moment when Pacifica and NPR truly split and the older idea of "public radio" was abandoned by a corporate monolith.

      •  Suddenly "US troops" became "us" and "our side" (4+ / 0-)
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        semiot, raincrow, StrayCat, Bindle

        The use of words quickly became very pre-Viet Nam, very WWII-era.

        It was all "our boys," quickly becoming "our men and women."

        I remember Cokie (I think) noting that "it's not the first time a 'woman' turned a 'boy' into a 'man' " -- very witty, but nobody commented on how they were suddenly "our" troops, & we were supposed to shut up & rally round the flag.

        And this was the FIRST Gulf War, right, before we were ATTACKED BY SADDAM -- oh, wait...

        To be clear, I don't imagine that evil people in the Ministry of Truth sent down an edict that Oceania is now at war with Eurasia instead of Eastasia.

        What I imagine is that they had a meeting and asked what could they do so that nobody would beat up on them for being or sounding liberal and unpatriotic?

        What gives me pause is wondering what else they, what other changes they made, that I didn't even notice.

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