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View Diary: Is reverse racism legit? Is it racism against racist? Or against White People? (142 comments)

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  •  asdf (6+ / 0-)

    First, I think Native Americans are statistically worse off even than African Americans, but I understand your point is that African Americans are statistically far worse off than Caucasians in America.

    I will concede to this point, Native Americans have had either just as hard or even a harder time in America along with Black folks. Now, they are generally forgotten across this country.

    I never agreed with the term 'Reverse Racism' either, which is why I wrote this diary.

    "A nation that continues to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom." *Martin Luther King, Jr.*

    by TrahmalG on Wed Jul 28, 2010 at 08:03:49 PM PDT

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