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View Diary: Is reverse racism legit? Is it racism against racist? Or against White People? (142 comments)

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    So, for example, it is true that whites did pretty horrible things to blacks a century and a half ago (and longer.)  But it is also true that none of those people are alive any more.  And it is wrong (and, I'd say, racist) for the descendant of a slave to discriminate against the descendant of a slave owner with that history in mind - neither of them are responsible for their family's past.  Let us live today.

    What color is the sky in your world?

    You have a serious denial going on here... because it is not the racism of the past that people are trying to address; it's the racism of the present.

    It's James Byrd.
    It's the Jena 6.
    It's Amadou Diallo.
    It's Abner Louisma.
    It's Sean Bell.
    It's Oscar Grant.
    It's stop and frisk.
    It's SB1070.
    It's white privilege.
    It's redlining.
    It's pictures of the POTUS as a witch doctor and the white house lawn as a watermelon patch.

    And it's people like you who want to insist that anytime race is brought up we are talking about redress for slavery and how unfair it is for you who owned no slaves to have to deal with it. That's a bullshit argument that implies that there is no ongoing racism and people of color who complain about racism just need to get over their past. If you are unwilling to enter the dialogue then don't... but it's insulting to those who are willing to do so when you put forth this nonsense.

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