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View Diary: Is reverse racism legit? Is it racism against racist? Or against White People? (142 comments)

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  •  Adams' credibility has little to do (0+ / 0-)

    with the letter I posted. The Commission issued subpoenas to him and other DOJ officials to testify on this issue. The DOJ has refused to allow that to happen. That's what the letter is about.

    The only reason that we even have Adams' testimony is that he quit, so he was free to do so.

    Call him a right-wing activist if you want, but the fact remains that the DOJ won't comply with the U.S. Civil Rights Commission's requests for further information. That is the reason the story will not die, and it will continue to do harm to the President until he puts it to bed.

    I'm sure that you are sick of seeing my "RW propaganda" on here because I'm running circles around you. You asked for a link to what I'm reading and give you a primary source dealing with sworn testimony before a U.S. government agency with direct responsibility for the matter, and all you can do in response is cite to Media Matters and call a former U.S. public servant and member of the bar a perjurer.

    •  don't show this to pragprogress (0+ / 0-)

      I'm writing this for the progressive people or Democrats that are following this thread (and either laughing or shaking their heads no doubt).

      The U.S. Civil Rights Commission was stacked with 6 Republicans during Dubya's administration.  It has become a joke.

      Adams is most likely a perjurer.  But who is going to try to prove that when there are more important things to work on?  The Commission is certainly not going to as the only two Dems on that body have little or no power.  The 6 Republicans are in implicit collusion with Adams.  Adams continues to show his desperation to attack the administration by overreaching on a number of calculated lies.  

      File this all under Breitbart/Fox/Dubya/liars.

      I'm not revisiting this thread because I'm using my time to help elect a Dem senator in my state.

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