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View Diary: Polling and Political Wrap, 7/27/10 (62 comments)

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    If that becomes a bigger story, that could be the kind of thing that would make it hard for Romanoff to recover.

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    by Steve Singiser on Tue Jul 27, 2010 at 08:18:13 PM PDT

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      This woman definitely screwed up but there is a much bigger story. She's on the Denver school board (unpaid) and got hired by Romanoff a few months ago as a field organizer. She wrote an letter in the local paper going after Bennet and his successor at Denver Public Schools (he used to be the superintendent). She didn't say she was on Romanoff's staff which was a mistake that is hurting her and Romanoff. But the big story is the questions she was raising. When Bennet was in charge of Denver Public Schools, he did a very risky interest rate swap deal that has cost the district millions and made millions for some of his friends at JP Morgan. The new superintendent is his childhood best friend who has been fighting this woman and others on the board who want a full disclosure of the finances. Not only did the interest rate and bond swap go south and cost them millions but the teachers pensions were merged with the state pension fund and in a couple of years are going to face a shortfall that will be $380million on the low side and could approach $1billion. This woman has been raising hell about it but Bennet's pal is the new superintendent and the swing vote on the school board is the treasurer of Bennet's campaign. The whole deal is shady as hell but with her not saying in one letter that she worked for Romanoff, they're trying to make that the issue instead of what Bennet did to the pension and school finances. Not really surprising though since he used to be a corporate raider for right-wing bigot Phil Anschutz.

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