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  •  Should plaster these... (7+ / 0-) and reminders everywhere across the US.

    We need to build better communities once again, and we also need to make sure people can afford to live in them again.  Every time certain of my friends whine about land use laws in Oregon, and even dare to insinuate that's why our economy is a mess, I want to show them what their ideology does to the rest of the world.  We need to relocalize agriculture, manufacturing, commerce...

    And then we need to somehow repay those whose lives and land we've destroyed over these past few exceptional decades in human history.  I don't know how for sure, but arrests and prosecutions of certain corporate executives and government officials would be a good start.

    "My country is the earth, and I am a citizen of the world." - Eugene Debs

    by JayinPortland on Tue Jul 27, 2010 at 07:21:00 PM PDT

    •  The people that live in the Niger Delta (7+ / 0-)

      are really hoping that the Gulf of Mexico spill sets a precedent for cleanup everywhere. We'll see if it happens, but it's a tremendously interesting contrast if you compare what happens when oil spills in the Gulf vs. oil spilling in the Niger Delta.

      We are more than a significant consumer of oil from that region.

      •  Yes, I think it's interesting (5+ / 0-)

        that Nigeria is the third largest supplier of U.S. crude oil, right behind Canada and Mexico, and ahead of Saudi Arabia. I'm not sure where our domestic production ranks, but I know it's relatively minor. So considering how horrible the Gulf gusher is and will be for decades to come, one can only imagine what's going on in these oil fields that are much larger but don't get the same international press when accidents happen.

      •  and isn't china moving in there as well or is (4+ / 0-)
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        citisven, rb137, patrickz, JayinPortland

        that Sudan. And OMFG, what's happening in Uganda with that corrupt government.... They are literally drilling away the fossil fuels underneath the lands where the first humans evolved.

        when i'm not busy living, i tweet as boatsie

        by boatsie on Tue Jul 27, 2010 at 07:53:32 PM PDT

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        •  China is a big offender. (3+ / 0-)
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          citisven, patrickz, JayinPortland

          There is a big east vs. west landgrab going on -- that's with oil and metals mining. China consumes 70% of the Sudan's oil, and their support of the crackdown in Darfur (to protect the oil flow) is largely responsible for perpetuating that conflict.

          They are also getting involved in mining and drilling the Congo basin -- where almost 20% of the world's rainforest, Africa's largest watershed, and 70% of Africa's land cover exists. Not good news, that.

          If we could stop contributing to destablizing the region ourselves, they might manage to grow an economy that doesn't depend so exclusively on the considerable mineral wealth. That's a fragile place, and it's the heart of climate for a lot of the planet. Huge climate change could originate there.

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