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  •  we could also start by not using so much oil (1+ / 0-)
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    Businesses that extract oil do it for a reason.

    I read at the top of the diary 40% of our oil is from this country. This oil is for our cars, our plane flights.

    Yesterday I wrote in a diary about a new tar sands project for folks to not drive so much. Many had photos of all the beautiful areas they'd visited in Utah in thier cars. Driving around the country going from national park to national park uses up a lotta oil.

    So does flying in to net roots nation.

    I realize we all have to get places and I certainly drive and even every couple years fly, but I'd never write a diary about oil without mentioning my own contribution to the befouling of the earth.

    I never read Gulf Coast diaries. There must be a word to describe outrage over pollution while polluting.

    "Don't fall or we both go" Derek Hersey

    by ban nock on Wed Jul 28, 2010 at 03:10:08 AM PDT

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