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View Diary: Plame Leaked by Fake News Source? Overview: Part IV (354 comments)

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  •  breaking! (none)
    check this out!

    The IRS website lets you search their database for all federally-recognized nonprofits. Only donations to this class of nonprofits are tax-deductible.

    So, go to the website dump in "Free Speech Foundation." The only one that comes back, nationally, is in Boise, ID. I don't think that this one is connected to our man "Gannon." is down right now, so I can't give you details, but I saw this nonprofit yesterday and ruled them out. I'll double-check when guidestar is back up.

    What I think this means:
    I think that "Gannon's" Free Speech Foundation is a fradulent nonprofit, misleading donors into thinking they will get a tax deduction for a donation. I think we could get Mr. "Gannon" in deep trouble for this, if we can track him down.

    AND! I just went to recheck his whois info, and now see an "I. Christian" as the domain registrant! I think that this has been changed overnight, because last night it read "J. Daniels."

    Between I.Christian and J.Daniels, I think we can be pretty sure that we're dealing with another pseudonym on the domain registrant information. Damn!

    This post kills fascists.

    by baltimoretim on Sun Jan 30, 2005 at 09:31:52 AM PST

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    •  This is exactly my point (none)
      I searched Guidestar, I searched Publication 78, I searched the Idaho State records.

      All of my research seems to indicate that Free Speech Foundation is indeed a fraudulent non-profit.

      This needs to be the focus of the Jeff Gannon investigation in my opinion.

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