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View Diary: Plame Leaked by Fake News Source? Overview: Part IV (354 comments)

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  •  Does anyone know atrios? (none)
    I mean, he's the one with the sources saying that "Gannon" is a pseudonym. Maybe he can ask his sources what Gannon's real name is? I don't hink we're getting anywhere via the domain name registration stuff.

    As I said above, the info has been changed on Gannon's site to say that the registrant (which was J.Daniels last night) is now I.Christian. It's another layer of pseudonym.

    This post kills fascists.

    by baltimoretim on Sun Jan 30, 2005 at 09:36:07 AM PST

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    •  I'm sure it was Media Matters not Atrios (none)
      specifically that unearthed this info.

      Probably a little birdie spoke in their ear, "You know "Gannon" is not his real name.....

      •  But let's not forget mundane explanations (none)
        He may have changed his name in court for perfectly legitimate, boring reasons -- anything from wanting a stepfather's name as his own rather than that of a birth father he barely knew to wanting something easier to pronounce and remember for what he hoped would be a great career in media.

        If the new name is his legal name, WH security would have wanted that name on his credentials because it's the name that official records systems now track.

        That, in fact, may be why married correspondents who kept their maiden names only for professional purposes have to use their married names on their WH credentials.  

        If they've taken their husbands' surnames as part of their legal names, that's the version of their names being tracked as "unique identifiers" for them in the systems.  Rather than being a calculated affront to feminists, the policy may just be the result of impersonal records systems that have to be accessed quickly with little chance of error.  

        The WH has quite legitimate security concerns -- they can be manipulated and exploited for political reasons, but they nonetheless are real and shield everyone in and around what, were security lax, would be the #1 target for domestic and foreign terrorists as well as the #1 target for random acts of violence a la Hinckley.

        Meanwhile, Gannon himself may be the original source for the information about his having a "real" name other than Gannon.  

        If you're undercover, you don't let that kind of thing out -- it ends your gig if not your life.  But if you're just a fella thrilled to be in media because it lets you worship your heroes in public, you may chat about your "real" ID to others.

        Scenario A.  He meets a correspondent he recognizes but her credentials show another name.  "Wow, you look just like Tiffany Famous."  "I am Tiffany Famous," she says. "The Secret Service just makes me use my married name on the stupid tags."  He laughs.  "My name's Jrfdrtjfrz Gndjkzwbrntr, but I guess cuz I went to court to change it, they're letting me use Jeff Gannon.  Didn't think Jrfdrtjfrz Gndjkzwbrntr was going to work so well in broadcasting."  Word filters around that his "real" name is a killer.

        Scenario B.  He meets a correspondent from the great nation of Hmjkdbritistan, where vowels are considered a waste of space and "H" is pronounced like the English "Zdw."  Jeff is wowwed.  "Hey!  My dad's family is from Hmjkdbritistan!"  The Hmjkdbritistaner looks at "Gannon" on Jeff's tag and cocks an eyebrow.  "Originally Gndjkzwbrntr -- Jrfdrtjfrz Gndjkzwbrntr.  Glad to meetcha, pal!" says Jeff.  Word filters around about the jaw-breaker.

        The Great Gannon Identity Crisis will, I hope, produce shocking revelations.  But it may just... y'know... Well, the real story may be another telling example of the many ways Bushcorp has invented media sheep because the establishment media wasn't sheepy enough to keep The Base deluded.  

        Best of luck to the Kossack trackers, though!  No answers come if questions are not asked -- something that's plagued this nation for 5 years now.

        "Injustice wears ever the same harsh face wherever it shows itself." - Ralph Ellison

        by KateCrashes on Sun Jan 30, 2005 at 05:00:33 PM PST

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        •  pseudonym implies not his legal name (none)
          If he changed his real name and is reporting under his legal name, then he is not using a pseudonym.

          Anyhow, I suspect Media Matters doesn't do a lot of work over the weekends, and I expect this was intended as a teaser of a future revelation.

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