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View Diary: Plame Leaked by Fake News Source? Overview: Part IV (354 comments)

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  •  cnn and have photos (none)
    cnn has demonstrators outside Rove's house

    so does; it also has a picture captioned as Rove pointing at the demonstrators from inside his home

    one report states that Rove called the police

    another just mentions police and secret service showing up

    apparently Rove was angry because the protestors caused two kids inside his house to cry

    •  The funny things is that (none)
      the police came, apparently after Rove called them, but they didn't arrest anyone, which certainly seems to imply that they were neither an angry mob nor banging on any windows.  

      CNN seems to have had a reporter there and the policeman told the reporter that Rove didn't want to talk to him (the reporter).  The CNN report gives no indication at all that there was a mob or that the protestors were at all disorderly, nor does the photograph suggest it.  

      I will try and work out a timeline on the independent reports but all the ones I looked at were after Gannon's performance at the press conference.  My theory is that Rove fed Eberle and Gannon the "spin", right down to the wording.

      •  and McClellan refused to entertain (none)
        questions on the subject beyond Gannon's statement.
      •  Both the CNN and WaPo articles appeared (none)
        on 3/29/04, the day after the demonstration.  They are very similar but the WaPo article includes a paragraph about the demonstrators waving signs outside of and banging on windows, the CNN article implies they were very orderly.  On the 30th Michelle Malkin published a typical screed in which the protestors were "rioters" and much worse. A day later Gannon made his comments at the press conference, and his comments were then widely reprinted in various blogs, then he published his Talon News article on April 6, in which he borrows liberally from Malkin.  

        A "swarm" of protestors becomes a "mob" becomes...terrorists.  Here is Wade Eyerly who was later hired by Cheney's re-election campaign as an advance press secretary:

        They stormed the property and started banging on the windows and doors.  They formed a mob and attacked an innocent man's home with the mantra, "If he won't listen to us at work, we'll take the fight to his house."...

        On September 11, 2001 a terrorist group called Al-Quaeda attacked America.  They were trying to send the message that "You are not safe where you think you are.  You are not free because you will have to be afraid of us, and that will control your actions.  We are more powerful than you are because we are willing to destroy, to maim, and we now will intimidate you into accepting our position."  They used terror when they felt that they could not get their message across otherwise.  The killed thousands and the world echoed our pain.

        From the NPA's proud press release, "We paid our way to come to Washington D.C. to talk to Rove, and he wouldn't listen," said Tomasa Fonseca, an educator from Marshalltown, IA. "So we came to his house..." What the NPA said was. "Listen to us, because if you don't you're in danger."  We'll violate your privacy, the sanctity of your home, and scare your family until you agree.  When the National People's Action failed to lobby Karl, they became terrorists.

        •  I just read Eyerly's .....thing? (none)
          Screed is too mild. I guess it fits right in with Rod Paige calling the NEA a terrorist organization. It should be laughable - their acts of terror reduced two kids to tears, but didn't warrant arrest charges. The concept that Cheney hired someone who could write this garbage (the references to the Klan are particularly disgusting) is what is really frightening.

          It's not true, but they hire him to just keep doing more of the same.

          Guess the right of peaceful assembly, free speech, and demonstrations are part of the terrorists' arsenal.

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