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View Diary: Plame Leaked by Fake News Source? Overview: Part IV (354 comments)

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  •  Ok, (none)
    so one thing we can glean from this is that "J. Daniels" and "I. Christian" are two different people.

    So, since they BOTH can't be the "real" identity of Jeff Gannon (supposing that these are actually the ones we're concerned with), most probably neither of them is.

    I tend to think that "Jeff Gannon" is his real name, and that these are friends/business cronies of his, whom he met somewhere along the line.

    And the only overlap I can find is a "Jeff Gannon", age 32 (same age as Daniels), who has lived in Newark and Wilmington, DE; but there's no mention of a Washington, D.C. (or Texas, for that matter) address for him. It's as if he always has been, and still is, in Delaware. Can't figure out if he's the "right" one.

    •  Or . . . (none)
      Jeff Gannon might really be a pseudonym, and the two Delaware listings could be for the fictitious persona. US Search gets their info from various sources, not necessarily thorough. I've lived in Florida for five years, even bought a house here two years ago, and they still had me only in Pennsylvania the last I checked.

      I agree that I. Christian and J. Daniels seem to be two different people and likely not the real identity of Gannon, although I don't think we can completely rule out that it could possibly be one of them.

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