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View Diary: BP Catastrophe Liveblog Mothership: 64 - Day 100 (19 comments)

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  •  I have been lurking on irc rather than here (1+ / 0-)
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    and trying to fight the good fight there in "The Oil Drum"'s IRC channel. In the political side channel there I just had this exchange which might amuse you (complete with my typo's). This was regarding the recent news stories trying to blame the coast guard for the first responders who pumped a lot of water onto the rig trying to put out the blaze:

    (yuriwho) Blacknet, if you were discovered unconcious and bleeding profusely by a paramedic after a bad car crash because you were drunk driving and they did not know how to quickseal your punctured it their fault? if you survived a cripple would you sue them?
    (BlackNet) oh
    (BlackNet) dunno
    (yuriwho) it's an apt metaphor for what the first responders to the DWH disaster encountered
    (VeeDubTDI) good analogy
    (BlackNet) personaly i think the coast guards actions did play a major role in the sinking but was probbaly not the sole factor by no means
    (yuriwho) lol, sole factor
    (yuriwho) did you mean soal factor?
    (BlackNet) and we have to rag on every responsible party regardless of blame % they share
    (VeeDubTDI) what good does that do?
    (yuriwho) err soul
    (VeeDubTDI) he meant sole
    (VeeDubTDI) lone, only, one
    (yuriwho) lol
    (BlackNet) its a spin on the to big to fail but we could call it to big to do any fucking good
    (BlackNet) or to big to be effective
    (yuriwho) uh oh here comes one of Blacknets drown the gvmt in a bathtub screeds
    (BlackNet) naa
    (BlackNet) this was to the coast guard :)
    (BlackNet) oh wait, that would be the gov entity :)
    (BlackNet) good point there yuriwho :) * VeeDubTDI facepalms
    (yuriwho) I have an Idea.......lets drown the military in a bathtub
    (BlackNet) why?
    (yuriwho) because big GVMT is bad
    (BlackNet) so drown the large gov, mil is just a political football
    (yuriwho) mil IS gov
    (yuriwho) just ask Ike
    (yuriwho) and any random dictator

    "Everybody does better, when everybody does better" - Paul Wellstone 1997

    by yuriwho on Wed Jul 28, 2010 at 10:51:32 PM PDT

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