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  •  Sorry I don't agree (4.00)
    I think this is the thinking that's killing our soldiers.  This has been an exercise in insanity from the very beginning.  This election is just the latest hail mary pass.  Any rand corperation analyst will tell you that insurgencies usually take as much as 10 years to clear up.  We need to get our soldiers out of there.  They shouldn't have been responsible for this situation from the beginning , and I'm just not willing to leave them there to die in perpetuity.

    To his virtues be very kind, to his vices, very blind.

    by Descrates on Sun Jan 30, 2005 at 08:35:53 AM PST

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    •  Timetable for Leaving (4.00)
      Resolution 1546, Section 12:

      "12. Decides further that the mandate for the multinational force shall be reviewed at the request of the Government of Iraq or twelve months from the date of this resolution, and that this mandate shall expire upon the completion of the political process set out in paragraph four above, and declares that it will terminate this mandate earlier if requested by the Government of Iraq;

      Paragraph 4 is the election.  Twelve months is Jun '05.  I will be sending this to my elected representatives often in the next few months.  Fish or cut bait.

    •  Not sure (none)
      How this is an argument against what I'm saying.  I'm saying that the election is a great thing, and should be used as an argument FOR withdrawing troops ASAP.
      •  Then again (none)
        Even if the election were an unqualified success, our troops won't be coming home. Indeed, if Iraq became a model for democracy tomorrow morning, all that would mean, I humbly opine, is that we'd be invading Syria sooner. No, one way or another, we're stuck in the Mideast quagmire.

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