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  •  The key... (none)
    is to deconstruct the numbers here.

    72% of eligible voters voted?

    Does 'eligible' mean 'registered'?

    If yes, what is that number?

    And what is the number of of-age voters, whether or not they registered?

    It might be the case that a tiny proportion of of-age voters voted.

    Or not.  Impossible to tell from the way it's being spun.

    Bush denies presidential timber.

    by Lumiere on Sun Jan 30, 2005 at 08:52:40 AM PST

    •  In America, "eligible voters" means (none)
      those who are eligible to register to vote.  About 30% of elegible voters voted for Bush, 30% voted for Kerry and 40% stayed home.  

      I expect the high turnout is a percentage of registered voters.

    •   Total Eligible voters inside Iraq = 14 million (none)
      see calculations of this above based on this number.
    •  Same day registration (none)
      If I recall correctly, they have same day registration for voting.  So every one that registers will vote (assuming they don't get killed while moving from the registration line to the voting line).  That being said, at this point the 72% or 60% figures are complete fiction, because I don't think anyone knows at this point how many ballots there are.

      We'll probably never hear the true figure (except maybe as an article on page A-12 of the April 10th New York Times).  In the meantime the
      Administration will say over and over again 72%.

      Of course, some people say the Iraqis don't like freedom.

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