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  •  If the Iraqis (none)
    actually achieve self-determination, so much the better.  I agree with Kerry that the best way for the U.S. to demonstrate a good faith interest in a self-determining Iraq would be to immediately start drawing down the troops [regardless of the security situation, because we have to start somewhere and sometime].

    However, I don't believe that self-determination was ever part of the equation for bushco [even if they put on some "elections".] Bushco is not finished stealing the Iraqi oil, and is apparently ready to move onto other nearby countries to get their oil.

    I don't believe for 1 minute that bushco will be relinquishing its stranglehold on Iraqi assets.  As long as Iraq is being exploited, either as a military base for further U.S. aggression or as a playground for the Halliburton-war-profiteering types, there will be an insurgency, regardless of any elections.

    As to your comment about about a "visionary" bush, bush potentially could have been hailed as a visionary had he supported or promoted efforts for U.S. energy independence, demonstrating some willingness to put the country's interests ahead of his business cronies' interests.  Instead, he sided with his cronies and chose to steal oil from its owners.  

    •  Well done (none)
      That really is the $64,000 question:  What happens when and if we are asked to dismantle our new bases or the new government kicks out all the multi-nationals we invited in to feed at the Iraqi trough, oil and otherwise?

      I too have a hard time picturing Cheney giving up the hard-won booty.

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