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  •  *snort* (none)
       Mosul? Where the Iraqi civil war is in full swing? Where the Kurds are busy kicking the Shia and the Sunni out?

      I suppose we could give them to the Sunni, but that'd just start the Civil War a bit quicker.

      Easy solutions generally aren't easy or solutions.

      And Iraq seems to be a place with no solutions.

    •  Huh? (none)
      What's the snort for?  What in my comment did you disagree with?  And where did I profer any solution, much less an easy one?

      Was that intended as a response to somebody else?

      •  No.. (none)
          Not aimed at you. Just at the situation. Giving Mosul to the Sunnis wouldn't work, because the Kurds are busy -- as the only ethnic group in Iraq we trust enough not to shoot if they're armed -- kicking the Sunni and the Shia out.

          Fact of the matter is, our incompetence has pretty much precluded any options whatsover.

          The Kurds won't allow -- and we can't force them, unless we want to face a Kurdish insurgency -- us to give the Sunni parts of their traditional territory. They fought Saddam tooth and nail over it, and he had a MUCH bigger army than we do.

          The Sunni won't accept being turned into virtual beggars, and it's obvious we don't have the forces to deal with them either.

          Turkey, of course, will not support ANY solution that results in an independent -- or even pseudo-independent -- Kurdish state, and we'd need them to supply any troops in that area of Iraq anyways.

    •  No one's saying its an easy solution (none)
      just a better one. You prefer having 150,000 of our soldiers tied down in the middle of a mounting civil war.  Think outside the box.

      To his virtues be very kind, to his vices, very blind.

      by Descrates on Sun Jan 30, 2005 at 09:42:14 AM PST

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      •  Yeah (none)
          It's not a better one. It's just as bad, except for different reasons.

          It'll just start the Civil War quicker, and ensure Turkey is involved too.

          Thinking outside the box is all well and good, but you seem to think a "different solution" is obviously going to be "better".

          This one won't be. It'd be worse, I think, because in addition to an unstable and violent Iraq, we'd drag Turkey into it as well. Better to withdraw entirely and let the Iraqis fight it out then force Turkey into civil war as well.

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