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View Diary: The Iraq Election: Defining Success (489 comments)

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  •  Election in Hell (none)
      The whole Iraq thing just pisses me off. I can't stand too even hear the name anymore. I felt the same way about Vietnam after a few yrs. The problem with the ASSwipes that run our Gov't is their not big enough people to admit they have fucked up royally. Instead , these criminals will throw away thousands upon thousands of human lives to justify their blunder. I hate them and wish them nothing but a seat at an Int'l court as defendants.
       As for the so called election if only the GOP and Bu$hCo cared as much about letting people here vote honestly. Democracy is a farce with this gang in power. The electronic voting system in this country the model of a perfect way to destroy democracy not sustain it. Like all of Bu$h's Orwellian program, when he says Democracy he really means Dictatorship and when he says Freedom he means Slavery.

                 IGNORANCE is STRENGTH

                  DEATH to EAST ASIA!!!!

    •  yes Iraq used paper ballots (none)
      You are so right, the election will probably be more fair anod not rigged in Iraq. They are not using electronic voting machines but paper ballots instead. If only voting had been this reliable in Ohio and Florida.
      •  Return to paper (none)
        We need to return to paper. I'd feel alot safer if ballots were counted by hand in public under the scrutinity of video cameras then in secret in some big Corp. war room where the owners and their GOP (neo-fascist) allies can simply change any results they don't like. It's ironic that Irq now has a better democracy then we have atleast technically.

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