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  •  Credit, where due (4.00)
    UN Election Expert Avoids Limelight of Iraq Poll
    Fri Jan 28, 7:13 AM ET 50128:MTFH51929_2005-01-28_12-13-27_BAK440706:1

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) - If Iraq's election comes off on Sunday -- a big if -- it will be thanks in no small part to a savvy, softly spoken Colombian from Bogota.  Carlos Valenzuela, 47, has spent 13 years organizing elections in hotspots around the world for the United Nations ( news -web sites ). He has been helping to plan an election in a divided country, where up to 14 million people could vote in a day -- one of the biggest logistical challenges for Iraqi authorities since Saddam Hussein was overthrown in April 2003.

    And doing so before, during, and after many of his UN colleagues, including the beloved Secretary-General's Special Representative for Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mellom were killed in the Baghdad bombing, in August, 2003. He is a hero.

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