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  •  The beauty of the pics was destroyed... (none)
    by the glaring links next to them...


    Rush Limbaugh
    No Oil for Pacifists
    No To Political Islam
    Al-Jazeera Against Kurds
    Babes for Bush
    Bill O'Reilly
    Bush's Plan for A Free Cuba
    F*ck France
    Farenhype 9/11
    Fox News Channel
    Heritage Foundation
    Neocon News
    No Left Turns
    Right Wing News
    Right Wingin'-it
    Right Thinking From the Left Coast
    Links to Republican Senators from Texas
    The Conservative Crust
    That Liberal Media
    Young Conservatives of Texas

    The more I thought about how those pictures represented a budding democracy in Iraq, the more the site reminded me that our own democracy here needs some tending to.

    You had some other good links too, though, to be fair.

    If the people lead, the leaders will follow.

    by Georgia Logothetis on Sun Jan 30, 2005 at 11:17:01 AM PST

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