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View Diary: The Iraq Election: Defining Success (489 comments)

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  •  *laugh* (none)
      "Involved the Iraqi people directly".

      That's funny. You think those crazy towel-heads buy that spin?

      Seriously, what is it with our arrogant assumption that the Iraqis are fucking retards?

      They know what puppet elections are like. Saddam had them all the time. They're more used to this bullshit than we are, and seem to be better able to play "Spot the liar" than the American people.

      "Involved the Iraqi people directly". Except for the Sunnis, of course. One of the three major ethnic groups in Iraq didn't participate, but that's okay. Everyone -- Sunnis' included -- will overlook that in their joy to acclaim legitimacy.

      What color is the sky in your rosy little world?

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