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    So, our natural allies the Shi'a are letting us do the heavy lifting because they don't believe we're really going to let them have their country to themselves?  Maybe so.  Apparently, the Kurdish troops are fighting, tho.

    OTOH, it's mostly Shi'a Iraqis getting killed, having their lives ruined, by the insurgency.  You'd think they would care.  Best I can guess, they are cynically and shrewdly letting us take the brunt, because hell, why not let the stupid Americans do it?

    IMO, this is the most disturbing parallel to the Vietnam war:  We're taking sides in a civil war--why doesn't 'our side' care enough to fight their own war?  And what will happen when, if, we pull out?  Maybe Iran fills the vacuum, dunno.  This is the silver lining to Kerry's loss, there's no good solution to this disaster.

    But I completely agree with your main point:  Probably it's all moot, because Cheney will never take his fingers out of the honeypot long enough to see what the Iraqis do with their own country.

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