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View Diary: The Iraq Election: Defining Success (489 comments)

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  •  I think it would have been much more effective... (none)
    if the various factions had organized a boycott of the election. We'll vote in our own elections thank you, not the ones you tell us to vote in.

    Just say no to democracy at the end of a gun barrel.

    Then with that "vote" against these sham elections, well, chalk it up as non-violent protest. Ghandi would have loved it.


    •  Someone upthread suggested that Sistani (none)
      armtwisted (using threat of Shia rebellion) Bushco puppets into going forward with election. I agree.

      IMO, the Sistani Shia et al. have been holding their people back from joining the Sunnis in rebellion so far, and got their base out bigtime to vote in this election.

      They know they have a sure win if election is run fairly.

      And if election is rigged and it doesn't go their way, they will go ape-shit and join the Sunnis in open rebellion.

      The only option bushco has at this point is some kind of real governmental power positions for the Sistani Shia groups. Bushco will try to load the Shia government with stealth puppet/ringers wherever possible, and work seduce/corrupt over to the Dark Side as many more of the Sistani bloc central leadership as they can achieve with money/power/blackmail/whatever works.

      I expect that Sistani et al. are wise enough to anticipate bushco plan, and have there own contingency plan ready to deal with it.

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