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  •  I share your sentiments and not (none)
    I have found myself feeling a lot of cognitive dissonance about all this.  I must be happy for any kind of improvement of the life of Iraqis, but not at the expense of the world and of my own country.  That's why I oppose globalization as well.

    In the long run, Bush being seen as a visionary leader would be the worst thing that could happen to this nation and to this world, leading to untold death, violence, and evisceration of international law.  So no, success in Iraq is not worth the suffering of my country or the world.

    I am still left, however, wishing the best for the Iraqis and the worst for this President.  It's a very strange tightrope.

    •  I agree (none)
      Cognitive dissonance is a good description.  If anything, it doesn't go far enough.  I wish the worst for this president and all those that egged him on.  What would be the worst?  The total failure of their policy in Iraq.  I wish the best for the Iraqi people we have unjustly bombed, tortured, etc.  What would be the best?  A functioning society in which all people have the full dignity of free human beings.  It seems impossible that Bush's policies will lead to anything like this--they never have yet--but I cannot add "and I hope they don't."

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