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  •  re: Freilich (10+ / 0-)

    Let me preface this by saying your stances on other issues are noted and appreciated, but you have announced your presence to this community by launching a strikingly neocon/right-wing broadside against a rather popular and effective Senator. Talk about not putting your best foot forward. Next time, try picking your battles a little more carefully....try taking on a Republican incumbent. For the House.

    Every time the going gets tough in military operations overseas, Democratic leaders, including Sen. Leahy, get jittery, cave to their political base, and publicly communicate doom and gloom conclusions that have risk of causing self-fulfilling prophecies. Can you imagine the demoralizing effects on our troops if every setback in the Pacific and in Europe during World War II was accompanied by such public doubt and discussion of giving up by Senate leaders.

    For starters, your entire post is a giant insult to Leahy, the Democratic Party, Daily Kos, and the left in general.

    Second, there is little in this post other than propaganda and damnable lies.

    Third, Democratic heroes FDR & Truman were the ones who rallied the planet against the Axis powers. Comparing war dissenters with the Copperheads is pretty low.

    Fourth, implying that willpower is all we need for victory is ridiculous.

    Fifth, we need adults in D.C. who are willing to publicly discuss eight-year wars without resorting to happy-talk clap-louder bullshit. I commend Sen. Leahy for his leadership and ability to speak plainly about Iraq & Afg.

    Tinkerbell will not die because we don't believe in fairies.

    Sixth, comparing the current two-front nation-building efforts by a non-political entity (the Armed Forces) to island-hopping or the Western Front of WWII is ludicrous and self-serving.

    The actual wars took weeks, Freilich. The nation-building part (the responsibility of the civilian leadership) is what's dragged for almost a decade.

    Seventh, I wish I had a nickel for every time some right-winger or Me-Too Democrat compared our Great And Glorious War On Terrorism to World War II.

    It appears that just when Pres. Obama’s surge policy requires steady hands in Congress (i.e., leaders), Leahy is discussing pulling the rug from his feet.

    Right. Obama's all ready to win the war, if only for that meddling Senator. Mmm-hmm. Cross out the name Obama and pencil in Bush, and this is exactly the kind of horseshit Fox News tried to sell us 2002-2008. President Obama could use a few more Democrats that aren't afraid of their own shadow to help him withstand the warmonger propaganda.

    "The reality in Iraq is that...the surge has failed to achieve its central goal...Every day more American servicemen and women are killed or grievously wounded, with no end in sight...."

    I don't see where you refuted this, let alone addressed it. Iraq, at least, is no more "winnable" than Vietnam was. Which is to say: it was, is, and will remain a war of choice. If we can't stabilize a country in eight years, then why should eighty suffice? (To say nothing of the humanitarian costs.)

    The real reality is that due to the fortitude of U.S. troops in the Iraq surge

    No one, certainly not Leahy, has stated that the problem with America's war efforts is that our soldiers aren't good enough. That is hardly the case.

    The problem is strategic, not operational or tactical. The people wearing the uniform have never, ever been in question from the left; conflating the war with the soldiers themselves is a cheap rhetorical trick straight out of Karl Rove's reckless playbook. You should apologize forthwith for implying that Senator Leahy or anyone on this site believes otherwise.

    Iraqi military and government capabilities evolved,


    some semblance of stability developed,


    and U.S. troop levels are on target to be drawn down to 50,000 by September

    Good. Did you support this when Obama proposed it? Because judging by your other rhetoric, I have a feeling that you were right there with the other Lieberman "Independent Democrats" railing against withdrawal as Not Supporting The Troops.

    Closer to home, we are also in the midst of the largest deployment of Vermont National Guard troops since WWII.

    You just couldn't resist bringing up WWII again, could you....

    The long-term, overseas deployment of the National Guard as a way for President Bush to avoid instigating a draft is one of many despicable legacies left over from the Bush Admin and should have been cancelled immediately after Obama took office.

    P.S. Your "Support the Troops" magnetic ribbon ain't gonna get you the same kind of glory that it could in 2004....

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