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  •  The amount of actual cocaine in each (0+ / 0-)

    is different. Crack is pure cocaine, powder is cut and mixed with a lot of things so the strength is different.
    The 18 to 1 is probably the actual difference between the two which makes it equal.

    •  whoops (2+ / 0-)
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      AkaEnragedGoddess, ThisIsMyTime

      I'm sorry, but your comments are not accurate.

      Crack is freebased cocaine - the quick and easy way to make it is to mix powder cocaine with water and baking soda - and then heat it to drive off the water. There are more complicated ways to make crack, but those methods involve ether and ammonia - most manufacturers simply aren't interested in devoting the time it takes to freebase the "old" way

      Crack can be made with adulterated cocaine as well.  To say that crack is pure cocaine is simply not true.

      That being said - smoking crack puts the cocaine into the bloodstream far faster than snorting powder does - hence the misconception that it is more powerful.

      Many claim that crack is more addictive - but those assertions have been challenged. (see Morgan, John P.; Zimmer, Lynn (1997). "Social Pharmacology of Smokeable Cocaine". in Reinarman, Craig; Levine, Harry G.. Crack in America: Demon Drugs and Social Justice. Berkeley, Ca.: University of California Press.)

      Powder coke is frequently cut at the end of the distribution cycle - but if you buy weight (that is, by the kilo) it is still possible to get what is termed "pharmacute toot", that is, pharmacuetical grade cocaine.

      Wikipoedia has an excellent article on the differences between powder and crack as well as a lucid discussion of the chemistry involved.

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