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  •  I'm well-versed in all of the above (13+ / 0-)

    and I'm a veritable tasmanian devil when it comes to making sure I know what meds they are doing and at what time.

    When I was going through the chemo protocol with Doxyrubicin and Ifosfamide, over the course of five months and six five day hospital stays, I learned quickly which nurses knew how to stage the chemo bag changeovers and which ones were new at it. I had no qualms at all about advising the new ones when I saw that they were setting up drips incorrectly or setting the timing of the devices wrong (and it happened at least three times).

    I had my own schedule for getting the sheets changed and made sure this was done. The UW hospital is one of the very best, but they are still short-staffed and the nursing shifts are generally 12 hour shifts. No one can do a great job on that kind of schedule, especially after the fourth 12 hour shift in a row, which many of them worked.

    It will be harder for me, I suspect, to monitor what is going on after my surgery - at least while I'm in ICU, as I suspect I'll be pretty drugged up (and I'm allergic to morphine, so I don't know yet what will be used).  But I'm trying to instruct my kids to make sure that proper pain meds are administered in a timely fashion and that they get me up and walking as soon as possible to allay fluid buildup.

    This will be tough, I suspect. I'm at heart a supervisor, and I expect this surgery to inhibit my control in this.

    I will still request all my blood draw reports and the medicine charts as I always have. I don't know how that will go over at MD Anderson or whatever facility this will be done at (still unclear about whether it's Methodist or MDACC).

    I can tell you this, they will  not have encountered anyone quite like me. That sounds arrogant, but I know that to be true. I just hope I can maintain that attitude.  I need them to work with me, not just on me.

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