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View Diary: Creeptastic: Bacteria that make spider webs! (31 comments)

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  •  if they want lots of spider silk (2+ / 0-)
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    skralyx, Larsstephens

    all they have to do is visit the porch of my trailer lolol.

    Seriously, I have one great big elaborate spider web stretching from my plant stand to the porch column - another stretching across the entrance to the porch - another stretching from the mailbox to * wherever.

    These same three little brown (although fierce looking ) spiders, I have had with me all summer. I call them Charlotte I, Charlotte II, and Charlotte III lolol. I didn't even know that spiders lived this long and spun a new web every day in the same place.

    Every night I come home and their webs are all raggedy and windblown and full of little dessicated carcasses. Every morning I step out before I go to work and admire the beautiful new elaborate pristine webs they have spun overnight. Awesome with the morning sun shining off them.

    I am actually pretty fond of my three Charlottes - (although don't let any of them crawl on me EEK). They seem to know me and will stop and eyeball me if I watch them too closely when they are building their webs - I get a definite "you're bothering me, go away" vibe LOLOL.

    My Charlottes could probably provide the military will all the Kevlar-strong material it could desire. No need to recruit bacteria to do it. Just talk nice to my spidey girls on my porch and feed them an occasional juicy fly. :):)

    Great article. I love this stuff.

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