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View Diary: Morning Feature: The Party of Null, Part I - Plutocracy over Democracy (188 comments)

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  •  Truly "free markets" and the rule of law ... (11+ / 0-)

    ... are mutually exclusive concepts. Even so-called "free market" proponents want government to enforce contracts, provide police protection for banks and businesses, and otherwise safeguard property rights. And most "free market" ideologues are all too willing to socialize their losses and unwanted costs. If a business builds and then abandons a dam, as happened thousands of times across the U.S., it's for the local people or some other business to maintain or remove ... as regulations making the business that built the dam maintain or remove it would interfere with the "free market."

    In short, their definition of "free market" is "I made my money, now leave me free to do with it as I wish."

    Good morning! ::hugggggs::

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