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  •  I had to log in just to dispute this (4+ / 0-)
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    you need to read a book called Until Proven Innocent which is the definitive account of the Duke LaCrosse case.

    It is quite clear that the people involved were entirely innocent and were the victims of an unscrupulous accuser and a corrupt local DA, and a completely incompetent University administration.

    The evidence for complete innocence is overwhelming.  I was shocked when I read the book.  For instance, most people don't know that there is ATM security camera footage of one of the accused being miles away at the exact time of the supposed incident.  The DA managed to surpress this for months.  Another of the accused was given a firm alibi by a cab driver, who even came forward even though it meant he would be deported.  Quite shocking stuff, actually.

    So, no... there was no 'deep dirt'.  Shame on you for spreading unfounded rumors about innocent people, and shame on the uprater of your comment.

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