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    Sydserious, Matt Z

    While "we" have done every imaginable disrespect to the Koran, including flushing it down the toilet, you never hear of even those "Death To America" Muslims, who have burned enough American flags to support an entire flag making factory, ever burning Bibles. It's simply not done. Not by "god-fearing" people anywhere.

    Burning the Koran is an expression of hate, a visible exhibition of frustrated helplessness, almost an admission of defeat. They can express the same sentiment by having a sit down in Times Square and pulling their hair out so why waste money on the Koran? How that helps their cause, only a nutjob mind can understand. Maybe they think there's something to be gained by pissing off some Muslims here enough to make them want to blow up a Walmart or a school bus? Maybe one Major Hasan was not enough?

    I'm sorry but if there's something to be gained by burning these Korans, I can't see it. I can't see it even from their vantage point.

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