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    Deceptive religion? Check.

    Violent religion? Check.

    I'm really not impressed by modern organized religion.

    Are there some small, good-intentioned churches of various denominations out there? Of course. I have no problem with them.

    But I can't seem to turn around these days without reading about a church that's morphed 180 degrees from preaching peace and love, and devolved into nothing more than gangs led by the deity of their choice.

    It's a VERY real world-wide problem. It's not an Islam problem. It's not a Christian problem. It's a RELIGION problem.

    Religion as a vehicle to teach love and understanding = good.

    Religion as a vehicle to indoctrinate people into gangs bent on destroying each other, often manipulated by moneyed interests - Gang Religion.

    People that have become indoctrinated into Gang Religion - should be treated no differently than Bloods or Crips - and we should be using the techniques used to save them from a lifestyle of hatred and violence, to try to save these people from the repugnant programming they've been subject to.

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