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  •  Fellow Marcher here (6+ / 0-)

    Good for you.  I have the courage to go to DC and the nearest 'big city' in my T-shirt, but not to wear the T-shirt locally or put the bumper sticker on my car.

    The Obama bumber sticker attracts enough glares as it is.  A March for Woman's Lives one would earn me repeated trips to the auto body shop for dig and ding repairs.
    Although I was always supportive of a choice and had listened several times to a horror story of my Mother's dead friend during WW II, I was never that involved.  Until, one of the first breaks with my spouse's family, when his sister screamed "Murderer" 4" from my face while the subject was discussed on a TV program.

    I can't tell you how shocked and hurt I was and am. It was just the start of the name-calling.  Thank goodness they are 2 states away from us.

    Spouse should have had it out with her, but he never did, and it has festered unresolved for 9+ yrs.

    But within a month I was on a picket line locally, defending the right of a local clinic to operate.  She turned me into an activist because if she could scream that at me after knowing me for 25+ years, it showed me how deeply this indoctrination has over ruled any sense of intelligence or past relations.

    Good for you Annie-

    •  Let it go Pinhole (2+ / 0-)
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      mwm341, big annie

      My husband is so nonconfrontational I do not know how he makes it through life.  I stick up for myself and allow him to live how he must.  Our hubs are not able to live with that kind of angst while I look for it to thrive..

      •  In many ways I have (2+ / 0-)
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        tobendaro, big annie

        "let it go" - rather than let it eat me alive, but have not forgotten due to it being the start of a pattern of additional insults.

        There are reasons (some medical) why the spouse is non-confrontational, which I understand. It helped him survive childhood.

        My childhood in university areas where questioning, curiosity, discussion without put-downs, and intelligence was valued, shaped my outlook.

        I (and now we) are Unitarian; they are fundy Christian or more Catholic than the pope. Fit right into the authoritarian model. Right there you can see a difference.

        Really don't go looking for fights. Just respect. :-)  

        •  Fighting for me (1+ / 0-)
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          involves intelligent discussion about the issues.  I was brought up like you were, to look at different sides and ideas and discuss, sometimes heatedly, but always respectful.  Nowdays you don't find much of that.  The people I want to discuss things with can't respond with logical points or even real points.  So it is really pointless and not worth tthe time and energy.  It is a shame.

          •  Think what happened is many of them (1+ / 0-)
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            were brought up with the idea of not discussing anything but the weather or guns/hunting or cars. Not a lot of critical thinking.

            When Rush Limpbaugh came along on every small wattage radio station in WVa, rural PA, MD, the model to copy and ways to relate became his.

            Yes it is a shame - not fun either after a certain point!  Hang in there!

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