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  •  No, there's quite a lot of people covered (0+ / 0-)

    by this particular union. They have easily 2,000 staff classified in these levels across the institution. They are losing members, though. Budget cuts (we're public sector) are causing the clerical positions to be lost faster than other levels and improvement in online tools, processes, and so on is naturally reducing the number we need. It's why we need to shift from clerical to analytical.

    A reasonable analogy would be K-12. If a large school district was facing budget cuts and needed to reduce the number of non-teaching staff covered by a union other than the teachers union and decided to promote some of their non-teaching staff with credentials into teaching positions for valid reasons, with commensurate increases in pay, etc. I don't think we'd be inclined to oppose that, but that's essentially what's happening. In fact, the change to my staff's job duties would be significantly less than in my example.

    Leave it to Republicans to set the house on fire and then rant that the fire department is socialist.

    by johnsonwax on Tue Aug 03, 2010 at 08:09:16 AM PDT

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