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    Very much both.  The fight for Prohibition did evolve over time to become near-total prohibition (but the Volstead Act did allow home production of a rather large amount of fermented cider and 200 gallons of wine per family).  Also sacramental wine, a loophole hilariously exploited by "paper rabbis".  It was largely a movement of rural and small-town WASPs and was hated by the aristocracy and most immigrant populations.  Rich Southerners voted for it to get back at the North and then (along with Northern aristos) stockpiled phenomenal amounts of booze in the year between full ratification and the effective date.

    The saloon-keepers, brewers and distillers were guilty of some pretty underhanded and despicable campaigns too, and fought women's suffrage because they (like the drys) realized that there would be a majority only if women got the vote.  Their campaign against suffrage turned women in favor of prohibition by 9-1 as individual states allowed women to vote.

    The other fascinating thing is that in 1910 excise taxes on alcohol made up 70% of internal revenue and 30-40% of US gov't revenue overall (tariffs wewre the other big source).  To allow for prohibition an alternative revenue source was needed, hence the 16th Amendment and the income tax.

    In fact, there were no amendments to the Constitution after the technical changes of the iith and 12th until the Reconstruction Amendments (13-14-15), then a long gap and then within 5-7 years came the 16th (income tax), 17th (direct election of Senators), 18th (prohibition) and 19th (women's suffrage).  

    Only 2 amendments have restricted rather than expanding rights:  the 13th (slavery) and 18th.

    I seriously doubt that birthright citizenship will be restricted by amendment, although a future Congress might try to restrict it, setting up a constitutional case.

    Why does Meg Whitman want China to win the race for green tech dominance?

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