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View Diary: Please Help Pakistan... Please ... Update: New Flood Warnings (155 comments)

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  •  We're infidels, of course they hate us (0+ / 0-)

    Hearts and minds?  Who are you, George Bush?  Talk about a failed concept for the dustbin of history.  

    I really don't care if people on the other side of the world like us or not, my self esteem doesn't depend on it.  They can stay on their side of the planet, we'll stay on our side, neither one of us will blow the other one up and we'll all live happily ever after.

    What else do you want, another 10 years of war for nothing?  Yes, let's invade another asian country and fight a hopeless war against an entrenched and popularly supported gurilla force.  Because that'll sure win some hearts and minds right?

    We haven't done a damn thing to Pakistan except give them billions in aid every year and half our textile industry.  I didn't expect any love, but I did expect help getting Bin Laden, and didn't get it.

    If the Taliban is winning the people after all the death and destruction they've caused, then there isn't a damn thing I can do about that and I'm not even going to try.

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