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  •  join the google group.... we can use that (5+ / 0-)

    to discuss ideas. Eartships are going to catch diaries every m-w-f.... Tonight's ecoads has a section by Aji (give it some love) and I've sent an invite to the entire DK GreenRoots community to join this group so we can brainstorm there.

    I believe there was going to be a Shelter Box diary perhaps tomorrow?

    There was an idea of adopting a Pakistani family I located and put up on twitter feed for ekos pakistan as well as on the WiserEarth page.

    It would be fabulous to engage the entire Kos community in this effort and bring others on board.

    ONe of the great things as I mentioned is that on WiserEarth we do have several people and organizations who will be reporting from the field. There are several DKos people who are also on WE. Maybe we can make this effort bigger than just DailyKos. Maybe we can make it a Netroots effort and really do something substantial....

    when i'm not busy living, i tweet as boatsie

    by boatsie on Wed Aug 18, 2010 at 08:28:01 PM PDT

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