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View Diary: U.S. Encouraged by Vietnam Vote (NYT 9/4/1967) (274 comments)

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    And don't forget people, those Shia voters were casting a ballot to set up a government that will demand that we leave.

    Yeah that's the logical conclusion, but logic has little relevance in the Iraqtrosphe.  Allawi and his Al Iraqiya are likely to win the largest single block and he's Bushco's boy.  I don't think they have any intention of giving up the planned 14 permanent bases that are part of the real reason this war was begun, but who knows?

    Emancipate yourself from Mental Slavery, No one but ourselves can free our Minds.

    by TustonDAZ on Mon Jan 31, 2005 at 11:18:43 AM PST

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