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  •  we haven't made shit here for years (6+ / 0-)

    We haven't made stuff here for years congressman, and you know it.  The majority of manufacturing jobs were moved to Mexico via NAFTA, and then later to China.  tax loopholes, IIRC, still exist that reward offshoring jobs.

    Interestingly, right before reading this post, I was at atrios's place.

    See that empty factory? we have those all over Philadelphia. Blocks from my house, congressman, you can see the remains of the MAB paint factory, the remains of a GE factory, and possibly even signs of where Breyer's Ice Cream was.  

    In the area where atrios took that photo, it is littered with abandoned factories, including the Stetson hat company, the remains of the Cramp shipyard, the Harbison Dairy, and tons more.

    all that American know-how is a thing of the past because somewhere along the line, blue collar jobs were deemed not good enough for Americans, and that we'd all be doing great in the service economy.

    Well we're not.  You can prattle on all you want about "americans make stuff" but the truth of the matter is we BUY stuff from china, japan, taiwan and anywhere else we can find cheap nonunion labor. My Airwalk sneakers were made in China; the van heusen polo shirt I'm wearing was made in Thailand, and my Levi's corduroy pants were made in Mexico. The plastic comb I used to groom myself this AM was made in Taiwan. I'm in the office and can't take off my underpants, but my bet is my fruit of the looms were made in mexico, malaysia, or china. My LG cell phone was made in S. Korea.  I know that the plates we bought at Ikea were made in mexico. My Reebock brand socks were made in Taiwan. My asthma inhaler was made in Ireland. I highly doubt my Dell computer at work was put manufactured in the USA. I know my iPod wasn't. the work phone is a Toshiba. My desk speakers at work are made in China.

    "make it in america", it is to laugh if it wasn't so sad.

    •  I live in Philly and know what you mean (2+ / 0-)
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      Tommymac, Mike Peterson

      some factories are being turned into trendy apartment complexes.  Yay.  Look at the area UPenn just took over on the Schuykill...used to be a manufacturing area and now will be parkland and crap stores for the college kids.  

      The problem is that we've allowed over-consumption and the price-efficiency model to trump an economy which provides real jobs for real workers who can pay for real stuff.  Instead we get bottled water from Fiji and a million different toothpaste choices.  Great.  

      To stimulate wildly weak and untrained minds is to play with mighty fires. W.E.B. DuBois

      by dizzydean on Thu Aug 05, 2010 at 12:13:46 PM PDT

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