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  •  Well that's nice for Michigan (0+ / 0-)

    but it doesn't tell us much on the national level.

    When you have companies the size of the ones mentioned in this article, they regularly open (and close) plants and operations such that it's very hard to tell if any jobs are being created at all.

    So, while this is nice for Michigan, is it someone else's loss?

    Lately there's been a big increase in companies moving from one state to another.  This can be very beneficial to them.  The new state will generally give them some nice tax breaks and other incentives, and there are benefits to be picked up at the county and even the local levels.  Meanwhile, the company jettisons existing employees, who may be making decent wages and benefits, and hires new people at "the new normal" lower wages and benefits.  Peoples' expectations are much lower now with 18% unemployment and rumors about Social Security age changes and benefit cuts.  In any case, the PR hacks get those "news" releases out quickly, and everyone gets to hear how much "job creation" is being done.

    In the same way that companies offshore to get cheap labor, they do the same thing here between states to get cheaper labor, more tax breaks and stimulus money, and great PR.

    Let's make sure that when we're applauding job creation, we've done our homework and and not being played for suckers.

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