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  •  Dingell has been great on many issues-- he's (0+ / 0-)

    been for universal health care since the beginning of his career (the longest of any House member ever). He's pro-CIvil RIghts (has been since the 60's), pro Equal RIghts Amendment, pro gay rights, critical of the Patriot Act, often pro-environment, voted to investigate Bush for impeachemnt, etc.  He's a solid liberal, and I'm delighted to see him (in person or by proxy) here at DKos.

    It's also true that he's been too tied to the auto industry. That's almost inevitable given the realities of his state, and his constituents' attitudes, but it's still a serious problem. He was long a key opponent of raising CAFE standards, long equivocated on the reality of global warming, etc.

    Still, this is a guy who has defended most liberal stances since the 1950's. I'd love to see him become part of the conversation here; we would have a lot to learn.

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