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  •  Hmm, should we pull similar aid (18+ / 0-)

    from Palestine, too, then?  Amnesty International:

    Unlawful killings

    During and immediately following Israel’s military
    operation in the Gaza Strip, Hamas forces and militias there engaged in a campaign of abductions,
    deliberate and unlawful killings, torture and death
    threats against people they accused of "collaborating" with Israel and other opponents and critics. More than 30 individuals were summarily killed. Scores of others were shot in the legs, kneecapped or otherwise injured in ways intended to cause permanent disability, or they were severely beaten or otherwise tortured or ill-treated. These abuses were committed with impunity, with the apparent approval of the Hamas leadership.


    Arbitrary arrests and detentions

    In the West Bank and Gaza hundreds of people were
    arbitrarily arrested and held without charge or trial.  Those detained were often suspected of involvement with a rival political party.

    Torture and other ill-treatment

    Detainees held in the West Bank and Gaza were frequently beaten, subjected to sleep deprivation, and forced to spend long periods handcuffed in painful stress positions (shabeh) during the interrogation period. Complaints of torture were rarely investigated.

    Deaths in custody

    In the West Bank, three detainees died while being
    detained by PA security forces; all three were
    reportedly arrested because of suspected involvement
    with Hamas and were alleged to have been tortured
    or otherwise ill-treated in custody.

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