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View Diary: Obama, Sri Lanka, and Outsourcing: Some Perspective and Context (304 comments)

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  •  I honestly found today's hit piece (3+ / 0-)
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    dmh44, ThisIsMyTime, Onomastic

    worse than yesterday's, as I mentioned before.  It's even less well researched, and it catches in the crossfire the a war and natural calamity ravaged innocent population that have done nothing to deserve this anger.

    •  I read the main thrust of Sirota's piece on anoth (0+ / 0-)

      er kos diary the day before.  About 16 comments, fell away quickly.  but the first thing I thought of when I opened his piece was 'this is just like yesterdays no-name diarist....what gives?

      Search outsourcing, Sri Lanka in the last few days sorry I don't have the precise link in this comment.  I recognized the $$$ amounts and the USAID connection in both.

      cast away illusions, prepare for struggle

      by Pete Rock on Thu Aug 05, 2010 at 09:53:07 PM PDT

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