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View Diary: EPA Bows To Old King Coal and His Entire Retinue (15 comments)

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  •  Solar and Wind Are Intermittent (0+ / 0-)

    They will simply not allow us to get off fossil fuels.  Solar particularly is expensive and wasteful.

    I recommend using waste.

    Are you plumb against using waste heat for power too?

    A proposed Spanish installation of a solar tower in Florida is expected to use an organic rankine cycle waste heat engine.

    Maybe that will make it more appetizing for your expensive, elitist tastes despite focus on more practical solutions.

    Best,  Terry

    •  Not in the least. (0+ / 0-)

      Intermittent + peaking = baseload.  Intermittent + battery storage = baseload.  Intermittent + water storage = baseload.  Intermittent + compressive storage = baseload.  Intermittent + thermal storage = baseload.  Intermittent + long distance transmission = everything gets easier.  Intermittent + different type of intermittent = larger % can be relied on as baseload.  Intermittent + geographic distribution = larger % can be relied on as baseload.  And finally, geothermal != intermittent.

      No, just like I have no problem with land remediation, I have no problem (and encourage) the use of waste.  But one is kidding themselves if they think that waste can power even a sizeable fraction of our nation's energy consumption.

      Elitist?  Oh, give me a freaking break.  Because I care about the environment and not wasting vast tracts of land and water on appallingly inefficient methods of power generation with inferior GHG results makes me "elitist"?  What's next -- am I elitist because I support gay marriage?  Or higher taxes on the wealthy?  Or any other progressive cause?

      Solar is not in the least wasteful.  It's 1-3 orders of magnitude more energy and land efficient than growing crops and burning them for energy.  THAT is wasteful.

      Large-scale solar prices will equal that of coal in the next 10 years or so.

      •  Breaking The Laws of Nature (0+ / 0-)

        Elitist?  Oh, give me a freaking break.  Because I care about the environment

        Do you?  Do you really care a damn about the environment?

        Or do you choose rather to remake the data to fit your fantasies?

        Intermittent + peaking = baseload.

        And what will you be peaking your super expensive stardust power plants with except fossil fuels?  Baseload renewable energy needs no peaking.

        Only pumped storage is a reasonably viable means of storing energy today and it is limited by geography and water resources.

        When solar satellites can gather power from our very own star and then zap power down to earthlings like Scotty did with the crew of the Enterprise, then solar will be baseload.

        Until then you are writing science fiction and damn the environment.

        I presume you mean well just as the crazies on the rightwing fringes do but the laws of physics and nature will not comport with fantasy.  You even have to make words mean what you wish them to like Humpty Dumpty before he took a great fall.

        Best,  Terry

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