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  •  Perhaps BP will not be the one to decide ;) (9+ / 0-)

    Several former senior EPA debarment attorneys and people close to the BP investigation told ProPublica that means the agency will re-evaluate BP and examine whether the latest incident in the Gulf is evidence of an institutional problem inside BP, a precursor to the action called debarment.

    Federal law allows agencies to suspend or bar from government contracts companies that engage in fraudulent, reckless or criminal conduct. The sanctions can be applied to a single facility or an entire corporation. Government agencies have the power to forbid a company to collect any benefit from the federal government in the forms of contracts, land leases, drilling rights, or loans.

    Solar & wind NOW! ~~~ No more death for oil!

    by cotterperson on Sat Aug 07, 2010 at 09:11:55 AM PDT

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