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  •  Any senate losses are Reid's fault. (2+ / 0-)
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    Odysseus, happymisanthropy

    He did not give our incumbents and challengers the necessary and proper ammunitition to campaign. Yes, the public likes the health care reform, particularly being able to keep 26 year olds on their parent's insurance!, but definitely wanted it to be more robust such that everyone had the same health insurance as everyone else, without regard to cost. Similarly, the failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform which would give full citizenship rights (i.e. voting rights, rights to collect unemployment) to 10-20 million people was a huge mistake. Further, imagine if our candidates could have campaigned in November on repealing DOMA and DADT? Same thing with climate change legislation.

    Fact is, the American people by every reputable poll and Markos's articles and books are clamoring for robust health care reform, comprehensive immigration reform, repeal of DOMA and DADT and robust climate change law.  Reid's failure to not pass these in the Senate have handicapped our candidates. IF we have any losses, it will soleley be because our candidates are not able to campaign on the success(es) of robust health care, comprehensive immigration, climate change and homosexual fairness legislation. In short, Reid has limited the success of people power.

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