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    I said that income taxes should be progressive, and I explained why?  Doesn't progressive mean that they fall more heavily, proportionately, on the rich?  Did you read that?  How then, can you say that I am arguing that I am making "an attempt to eliminate taxes for the wealthy, who for the most part don't actually work that hard at all"?

    And, by the way, federal INCOME taxes are on EARNED income -- which means, by definition, income you WORKED for.  That's why doctors, lawyers, CPA's, architects, engineers, working professional couples, small business owners, are the majority of those in that, say $250,000 - $1 million range. That's the group that bears the heaviest burden of federal income taxes on earned income.  And yes, that group works for it.  You know, my dad's heart doctor, who saved his life years ago with bypass surgery, probably makes between $500,000 and $1 million a year.  But with all those years of school, internship, residency, and long hours on in surgery and seeing patients (I've seen him in my dad's hospital room at 10:00 at night on more than one occasion) I'd say yes, he does work hard for it. I don't know how you can say the "rich" -- those two income couples with AGI of $250,000 and above -- don't "actually work that hard at all."  Yes, federal income taxes on this group should be progressive -- they should absolutely pay more than people who make less.  But I don't support punitive taxes on this group, ESPECIALLY on earned income.  

    The rich who DON'T work that hard for it -- kids of rich parents, uber-rich CEO's, hedge fund managers who make millions a year -- don't pay INCOME taxes, because most of their money is not EARNED income.  Most of their zillions are capital gains.  They don't pay federal income taxes on that, so significant increases in the federal income tax rates don't fall on them like the do my dad's heart surgeon.  Those uber rich types, instead, pay capital gains taxes.

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